Title: The Lich of Oz - Dead World Codex

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Status: Ongoing. New chapters on Lichdays.

Plot Logline: The Lich of Oz stole my soul after my death on Earth, put me into a new body, and sent me on a quest without a clue. Luckily I swallowed a potion of temporary invulnerability before I was kicked off of the Lich of Oz’s floating castle… falling to my near doom. Unluckily, I still felt the impact and almost died. My only hobby in my previous life was reading books. I have no life experience. How am I supposed to survive in this absurd magical world of Oz!?

Tone Feelings: Fantasy, Silly, Humorous, Stream of Consciousness

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Characters: The Lich of Oz. Et al.

Total Word Count: 1,212