Initial Thoughts

Cosmic Depth : Zero is now up to about 12,000 words published at chapter 16. With 5,000 more words not yet published. Publishing on CD:Z chapters will pause for now.

The way I wrote CD:Z so far has been as a pantser (someone who makes it up as they go along) mostly. I wrote an original five chapters as a “Revealed” series getting some ideas down about the mythology of the world and so on.

The first person writing style has been interesting. But at the same time, the main character is almost immediately dehumanized and so the characterization is really detached.

I feel like the story will be almost incomprehensible to most people. Like I tried to do some clever things, but they may not be done in a great way that actually makes sense to anyone.

I think that the universe the story takes place in is interesting and useful for future projects. I’m more satisfied with the potential of the universe than with the actual writing.

Adapting the project to a graphic novel would make the visual parts of the story more obvious.

The 16 chapters didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. I let the story progress as it felt natural and did not hit some feelings / ideas I was originally aiming for. Maybe there is not much actual horror.

I did not follow any writing rules / structure rules with CD:Z.

The Future

I consider these 16 chapters purely as world building for the universe. Going to some places, establishing some ideas. I do not plan on having more chapters focusing on this same character, whatever it has become. But the character is still important to the universe as some kind of deity.

Future chapters will focus on other characters doing various interesting things. The focus will still be on world building, establishing more ideas and characters more than having a single big narrative.

A single big narrative can happen, but not yet. Smaller stories focusing on specific characters will happen first.

Not sure when publishing will begin again. For now, it’s on hiatus.