Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

You may have heard of the EEE pattern Microsoft used to do internally to capture market and subvert their competitors. Cultural infiltrator terrorists do the same thing. You let them in because you want to be welcoming and inclusive. After all, you believe in diversity of thought! But over time they begin to grab power, and to demand changes which gradually damage the core of the thing. Eventually the thing you built, whatever it is, is something you’ve been kicked out of, because they want you out. Whatever it was that used to exist is no more, it’s been destroyed, and has lost all value. This happens again and again. It’s a pattern as old as civilization, and is no doubt the cause of the fall of most civilizations - the failure, often through altruistic complacency, of controlling quality by not gatekeeping those who do not belong and never will belong.

This thread is a very important related read:


When you first hear the word gatekeeper in modern context, you may hear about it in a negative context.

What it’s most often used to refer to is the strawman of the male who refuses entry to an excited female who is shut down and refused entry while all the other men cheer on her refusal. The idea may have been a common pattern 100 years ago, but today there is no truth to it. In reality, this never happens, women are openly invited, and any men who may raise an issue are ejected immediately. What does happen is that once a woman is included, she may raise her own issues, and too often the men acquiesce instead of telling her that if she wants to participate, it will remain the way it is. Soon the fire and spirit of that masculine space is now transmuted into a more feminine space, a confused and awkward space where neither men nor women may be themselves. In reaction, through the desire for spaces where men can be men with other men, men build new masculine spaces elsewhere where they can be men in peace, and the cycle repeats. Just like the rise and fall of great civilizations, so too do communities crumble which allow in those who in truth do not belong.

Yes, I’m making a radical statement in modernity that male spaces are for males and that once they are not they will quickly lose their value if not cease to exist. It goes the same for female spaces, and the harm caused by the cultural conquest of skin suit wearing men who invade female spaces and end domineering over them. I’m not the one to declare which spaces are for males or females, but they do exist, because otherwise the infiltration of those who do not belong would not cause destruction. There is incredibly strong value is ultra extreme male spaces and ultra extreme female spaces. They must be protected. I’m not saying that shared spaces cannot exist. I’m rejecting the notion that there is no value in spaces made and preserved for men and women as men and women.

We are repeatedly told by those who hate us, those who value and love humanity, that certain things are good for us when they are not. If we embrace the values of those who hate and wish to destroy us, it will be the Trojan Horse for our own destruction.

You should always be mindful of what is legal and what is not in your country / state. It will always be the case that bad people exploit well meaning, short sighted laws to enable their destructive behavior.

Fight Fire with Fire

The people who highly value diversity in superficial characteristics tend to not value diversity of opinion. Not only that, they may even deem your honest opinion as the most evil thing possible: worthy of complete unperson-hood, for you to become penniless, for you to be killed, for your children to be brainwashed and poisoned, and they’ll do it with glee, with a righteous mind that the obsessive, bloodthirsty rampage they are on makes them a good person.

To stop the censors who would censor you, you must censor them. That is to gatekeep them away from what you value and prevent their first step in limiting your free expression. People who don’t take free speech seriously often say that only the government can limit speech. These same people are the first ones to use what ever formal or informal power they can get to shut you up for good, because they believe they are at war with you. Recently these sorts of censor happy people, who cheered when their enemies were censored, have realized they too can be censored in the same way, and have tried to recontextualize, reclaim the issue of free speech. But it is a problem they will not be able to contain. It is a problem that can only run its course against those who enable it until we all truly are sick of it and are ready to be free again.

Today it’s clear those who have some regret in helping to create this beast only wish to ensure they have protections against it. They don’t care about being inclusive toward you, they will always exclude you unless you are on their team. They don’t care about diversity of thought. They don’t care if your life is destroyed because you said something they view as blasphemy. You are forever a heretic to them if you try to be truthful. And so these insincere, violent people can never be trusted. They have not earned that trust even if they are crying now that they too have been crushed by the golem they helped to bring to life.

To prevent their poison, they must be prevented. Gatekeep them out. They are not quality. They are a snake in waiting ready to strike. They are high on a delusional mind, perpetually in a wartime frenzy always prepared to snap at the next person who did not properly walk on eggshells in front of these cultural terrorists. Never give destroyers a second chance.

Never apologize to destroyers when you have done nothing wrong. Apologizing is signing your own death warrant. They view apologizes as admission of guilt and weakness — a sign to double down on their attacks. The cultural terrorists will summon the world against you if they can. They have great power and influence, but it is paper thin. It is an illusion conjured through media, corporations, and government. Most people value freedom. They want to be able to say the truth. But most people also have jobs, families, they don’t want to take a risk to lose what they have by stepping out of line. So you must be brave for them and stand up in defiance against those who now wield various kinds of authoritarian power. At least for now, the US has some freedom, and so it is our duty to use our freedom to make and say what we want, and to protect our works, our lives against those who would deny us our freedom.

Never allow the destroyers to gaslight you into thinking you do anything wrong.

It’s not worth it to bother with them. They can’t be reasoned with. Your time is better spent being a heroic example to others who are not part of the fanatical destruction. Your position is to create without allowing molestation from corruption, and to spread your creations into the world as far as you can to as many people as you can. Ghosting destroyers, as in cutting all contact forever, is ultimately best for you personally. You are probably not their only target and when you don’t play along with their grift, they’ll likely stay focused on their other potential victims. Exclude them. Deny them entry to what you build. They already do the same to you and more, even if you’re not fully aware of all the ways they manipulate systems to elevate their own people above you. Look at YouTube trending — it’s not trending, it’s a sick kind of curation. The plainly ideologically driven curators never allow content which would upset the masters, the high priests of the current mainstream cult. Try to enter one of the spaces they control with an honest and open heart and you’ll never get meaninful entry. They don’t want discourse. They only want to crush you and your will to live.

Class war has a charm: the charm of the negative. It’s very easy to hate; much more difficult to love, because when you love you have to take onboard the defects of the thing that you love; you don’t have to do that when you hate. — Roger Scruton

All is fair in love and war, and they started the war.

Is is hypocritical to exclude those who treat us as if we are their enemies? No. They forced us to build our own things while trying to kneecap us every step of the way. They filter us, it’s only fair we filter them too. They can build their own things, and we won’t even bother them a bit — we don’t want to even think about them outside of making sure they have no power over us, we have better things to do. When you’re busy making your own things, you don’t tend to care as much about other things, anyway. The destroyers could try creating instead of trying to infiltrate and subvert for a change to see how nice it can be, but they’re also often lazy people addicted to anger.

If anyone ever tells you that you don’t have a right to have an opinion on something, that’s a sign to immediately remove them from your life. They only want you to listen and believe to them and their cultish views. There is no compromising with them. Get rid of them. And it’s not cancel culture, it’s consequence culture, right?

Political Distractions

To some people, their very existence is political. We call these people grifters. Parasites. They prey on you with emotional abuse until you relent, let them in, and give them power in hopes of satisfying them for good. But like the book says, if you give a pig a pancake it will ask for a glass of milk (or something like that, am I mixing up children’s books?). Point is it’s never enough, because they are vampires seeking to extract all of your blood until you’re dead. Don’t become one of their unfortunate thralls.

Why do major corporations relent? Corporations don’t want to be sued by lawyers who abuse well meaning law in order to steal the livelihoods of honest people. Corporations also don’t want the potential PR disaster the cultural terrorists will often bring. Read the thread linked at the start of the article. It is very illuminating on how the destroyers work to gain power.

To avoid the destroyers, you must either outlaw political speech when working, or only associate with people who largely agree with you. Or at the very least don’t hate you, and won’t try to sabotage you, your work, and your company when they smell a chance to draw blood and grift. Nature gives us good signs of what to avoid. Poisonous frogs are often brightly colored and don’t want to be touched. Most plants are very bitter and don’t want to be eaten. Grifting narcissists have very obvious patterns too. Can you think of any warning signs? How might they dress themselves? What keywords would they place in their bios as a form of in group signaling? I’ll leave it to you to figure out what they are. There are still good people who may have some signals that make you wary. Some signals are more clear red flags than others.

Some people may adopt some questionable signals purely as a form of protection against the mob. But even that is often enough. Again referencing the thread linked at the start of this article, if you do not perfectly align with their view of an acceptable person, it doesn’t matter if you agree with them in principle. If you do not specifically mirror the arbitrary requires, they propose them they will eat you, they will eat their own.

The blood on the doorposts will be a sign to mark the houses in which you live. When I see the blood, I will pass over you and will not harm you.

The people who knowingly allow the murderous vipers in get what they deserve. In the past, I let people in who I thought were decent, even though they showed clear warning signs, and I lived to regret it. Now I am more wary. As you should be too. Eventually a single sniff of someone being a weirdo will be enough for you to boot them. There is not enough time in your life to bother with them wasting your precious life. And don’t forget that they already do this to you in the domains they have total power in. Fire with fire.

Maintaining Excellence

If you are building a home would you invite in someone unqualified to do the electrical and plumbing? Hopefully not. The same goes for building anything, with the goal of it being great. You cannot allow people who hate you period. You cannot allow in people who relish in destruction and subversion of what is good and true, who only destroy and never create. You don’t want your home to burn down before you even finish building it, not to mention after, nor do you want costly repairs caused by someone who did not know what they were doing.

Purity spiraling is also harmful to the mission of creating great works. It’s important to know who are not your enemies. If you are wary of someone there is no harm in excluding them, but don’t waste your time attacking anyone personally. If you must attack bad ideas with your great works, but it is too petty to focus on individuals… for more than a brief moment.

At the same time, you must be openly hostile to the destroyers. You must be explicitly anti-destroyers. You must be explicitly anti-censorship… and that will require excluding the people who want to invade your space and censor you. Who want to take control of what you built, milk it for all its worth, run it into the ground, and leave you with nothing.

Industry Blacklisting, Corporate Suicide

The current entertainment establishments have a strong tendency to put the names of people who broke the current orthodoxy onto lists of which will prevent them to ever be associated with again. They do this because they have to. They have allowed the snakes in, and if they don’t do what those grifters want, they will stab and take flesh from those establishments who have largely been infiltrated all the way to the top. It is a ruthless cycle which only the people at the top can put a stop to… else nature will take its course anyway eventually… unless there is a power hungry billionaire at the top keeping a rotting corpse afloat for his own personal world shaping fantasy.

In our pseudo-capitalist world, it’s supposed to be about making money. Obviously it’s not for everyone. It’s not about money to us, it’s about making great things. But even with the most shamelessly cash driven companies they still seem to do things which go against their mission of being as profitable as possible. Sometimes it’s true that their actions align with a desire to avoid financial loss, such as hiring certain completely useless groups of people, who have nothing to do with the core business, in order to try to avoid being sued for various reasons. It’s a protection racket after all. Other times they are true ideologues who are on a religious crusade. In any case, it’s never sustainable, and all misguided aims eventually lead to the fall of whatever corporations become misguided.

Once people reach a certain amount of wealth, they don’t do what they do for money. It’s more like a game of power. Every philanthropist in the world is doing it for power and control. They wish to reshape the world according to their personal ideologies. These ridiculously wealthy and powerful people, who do so much evil to get what they hoard, are the font of which so many problems spring forth, and they’ve been at it for thousands of years. When will humanity have enough?

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are. ― H.L. Mencken


Purge all haters and drama magnets. If someone causes drama, strongly consider banning them on the spot. If they repeatedly cause drama, they have to get out of your workgroup. There is no reasoning and winning over these people.

An example of a hater to avoid would be someone who hates romance, yet wants in your romance writing group. Another kind of hater would be someone who thinks that hypnosis has no place in a romance, even though there are many women who may want it. It’s fine, as an opinion, to not prefer hypnosis in romance, but trying to deny others what they like which hurts no one else makes that person a hater. As mentioned elsewhere, if you want to censor for the improvement of society, then you must go all or nothing, which includes censoring things you may like until the only thing left is strictly vanilla. That is something the haters don’t really appreciate or are honest enough to acknowledge that the rolling death ball of censorship will eventually reach them and if they helped to build it, they only have themselves to blame.

Be wary of clout chasers. People who care too much about their personal popularity and reputation will stab you in the back. Their social media will make it obvious if they are a clout chaser. You can also ask them if they care about clout. Never partner with people who are clout chasers or are narcissistic ever. A warning for narcissistic people is if they claim your work would be nothing without them, demands you do everything they want, say you are selfish for not doing what they want. Abort! Any person you are considering partnering with you must dig. This includes contacting people who they previously worked with on projects. We all make mistakes, but when you want to partner with someone, you need to make sure they are a good bet. Sometimes we make mistakes that would disqualify us from potential partners who dig too. That’s what you’ll have to deal with, and just hope your work and efforts later on redeem you. Ask questions about missing history. Usually it means someone worked with someone and it did not go well. If they seem to answer honestly, that is the best you can hope for, but do your own fact finding, too.

Before you do a full vet, pay a person to do a minor task semi-anonymous that may test their loyalty to a social tribe that censors. Don’t make it obvious that you are trying to work with only sane people who care about merit. Once you get bigger, you will have people try to infiltrate, which means you’ll need to use the semi-anonymous method to get new people in / only accept people on referral / not accept people who apply directly.

People who apply directly may nuke their socials and spend years trying to get close to you. Expect people who try too hard to get close to you to be recording / screen capping everything, hoping to have something eventually to use a leverage against you. These crazy people can stealth their true intentions of destruction for a very long time. I have seen people back stab many times, go years on the grift only to flip at the perfect time while doing as much damage as they can. This is the reality we live in.

After first vet, legally record interviews of people you vet. Make them explain on a call if they are pro-merit, anti-censorship and so on as a normal onboarding conversation.

In Conclusion

Censors only support censorship when they believe it’s going to be them censoring other people. But the moment other people censor them now suddenly they are anti-censorship freedom fighters. So if you want to turn these cretins into freedom fighters: censor them. - RGE

You are already at war. Start acting like it. Learn how to spot your enemy. Don’t go out of your way to paint yourself as a target, but still stay truth to what you believe in. Make great works. Reject those who would misguide you. Defy the censors and the destroyers, the cultural terrorists, the power mad authoritarians. Make great works. Be good. Do good. Always uphold truth.