Here are some ramblings to fill in the meta section with actual content. This post is all over the place!


In 2015 I published a book called Godhede (Volume 1). I meant it to be the first book of a series, but I made enough mistakes with it that it killed all motivation I had to continue it at the time. I can’t remember how much time I spent in 2014 writing it. I published it on January 18, 2015. I took the book down everywhere on April 21, 2018. It was sold for $2.99 everywhere it was published.

Back in 2015 Kindle Unlimited existed, but back then I felt strongly about not supporting exclusives. I released the book “wide” as they say, and more or less didn’t sell any copies anywhere. That was one mistake. I should have embraced the evil empire of Amazon and put it in Kindle Unlimited.

The book was live for a year and didn’t go anywhere. I think it had a few reviews on Amazon by the time I took it down from everywhere. I wouldn’t say it got all negative reviews, but it got no great reviews either, and I wouldn’t say it deserved great reviews either.

Godhede was the first book I’ve written that I hit publish on, and it’s also the first book I unpublished. It was only ever published digitally. There’s still a page for it on Goodreads. 4.3 star rating with 3 total ratings. The only written review there is 3/5 stars. I’d say that review is fair and accurate. Godhede has some true fans, but I’d say it’s less than the number of fingers I have. I have all of my fingers and toes. Hopefully, when the new version is published, it can get more true fans than I have digits.

Was self-publishing Godhede a mistake? No. I made other mistakes, but that wasn’t one of them. I’d say one of the major mistakes I made with Godhede was rushing things, not saying enough things. There’s a laundry list of mistakes I made, and maybe I’ll talk more on them in the future. I still did some things right, and it was good practice for me, even if it cost a lot of time and didn’t make any money. The only valid reason to not self-publish in this age is if someone offers you life changing money for whatever stage of life you are at. If they can’t do that, can’t give you an advance that’s more than you would make on your own don’t even think about it!

I took the 2015 version of Godhede down partially in shame, partially with conviction to redo it, and redo it right. That redo hasn’t happened yet, but it has been boiling for a while. Beyond the redo, there is so much cool stuff I never published. When I get to it, which I will sooner than later, I won’t be afraid to recton much of the first incarnation and to focus on the coolest parts of the original vision. Of course I’ll publish the new version here, for free.

Yeah, I’m gonna publish Godhede again. It won’t look the same, won’t smell the same. It will be brutal.

On Writing

I’ve struggled with writing for a long time. I love to read! I love to write! But I want to make good works too. Perfect is the enemy of good, as they say. I’m tired of striving for an impossible perfection and so I feel the need to publish. Not hold back. Get works out there and see what is good enough.

That is part of the purpose of the project. Because part of my reasoning for writing is to produce my own worlds, stories, and characters to use in the making of games. Yes, part of it is a numbers game. Publish until things stick. Double down on whatever gets popular. That’s the point. I guess “writing for market” would be the way to do that, but I have stories in me which I have to get out of me or they haunt me, I have to get the words down, the phrases down, the stories told, or all of those ideas keep echoing in me and prevent me from getting other important work done. Maybe I’ll write for market later.

I will work to get as many of my previous unpublished works published on starting in 2021. I’ve already started with Depth. isn’t the only project like it which I’ll do. I was an early investor in .io domains and over the years gave out a bunch of the best ones to friends to build stuff on. I still have some cool ones like and I plan to build it up too as a sister site to but for now my focus is here. will be real cool, I promise. I’ll use my .io domains how I want TYVM!

Here’s a part of my vision: make games and write books together. So here on beside the Library there will be a Games section with games in the same worlds/IPs of the books. It will be cool. I’ll be transparent about the process too. And if you have questions about something, ask and I’ll answer. Why on the web? Because the web is the eternal future. I’ll still publish elsewhere, but making everything instantly accessible for free on the web is the best way to give these works a chance.

Why free? Because nothing beats free. Anything here might be published elsewhere as paid, but here it’s free.

I have a ton of unpublished writing. I’ll publish a lot here for free over time. I have a system setup that’s real nice. I’ll set chapters to be published on schedules and get the words flowing. Chapters will change over time if I ever need to retcon or edit. I’m not afraid to retcon versions published here if it’s for the best, but of course I’ll try to avoid it. Part of the purpose of publishing things here is to force it out into the world, but not in a perfect state… there will be errors, problems. Call them out if you care and I’ll try to fix them.

If I ever trigger you that’s not a problem I want to solve, just get away from me. The kinds of problems I want to fix are issues like grammatical errors, changing eye colors, or other continuity errors. If you’re on a crusade to change the world and the way you choose it is to bully writers who want to make great works, then you’re only a parasitic destroyer, not anything worth a damn. I know that’s probably not you but I want to get that out there. Busy bodies need not apply as fixers.

A big reason I’m so hostile to those kinds of people is that I naively did try to work with them in the past. Nothing was ever enough, all they want is total destruction, so to those people kindly GTFO.

Kindle Unlimited requires you to be exclusive to Amazon. Can’t be anywhere else. I don’t want to unpublish works published here, but it might eventually happen. Instead of unpublishing works here, what I’m thinking of doing is writing parallel projects of a story / world / IP and publishing one of them on KU. I will be publishing on KU. I won’t bother publishing “wide” anywhere else though. It’s either KU or here for free.

Building An Empire of Great Works

If something doesn’t do well in KU, I’ll remove it from there and put it here. If something does great in KU, it might stay there forever, or at least until it keeps doing great.

Right now there are no ads and no comments. I don’t want to add the annoying kinds of ads ever, I don’t want to ruin the experience. I might add comments sometime soon, because it’s cool to see what people say and think, but a lot of comment solutions kind of suck and this site is statically generated. I might make the site non-static, but that’s another topic. Who am I? Here I’m a nameless member of a group. A group you might join. Together we will make great things.

Is it just me here right now? No, but everyone else is anonymous as far as the writing group goes. Anything here I either fully wrote and edited or had a big hand in it. There are still people who help me and get paid for it. That’s how we roll.

There are places in the world where there is no freedom. For many reasons. Here we have some. Whatever we actaully have left we have to use. People gave their lives for this! Let’s make some great works no matter what!

I have other projects too. A whole bunch! Too many! It’s crazy! In a lot of ways, I do too much, but that’s how I’ve gotta live. I’d stay still I’m older now and wiser, better able to get things done. Poke me all you want to get things don’t you like if you want to, that’s fine.

This isn’t about the money, it’s about the mission: to produce great works. Money enables the mission in various ways. And who knows where the future will go. I know the future is bright, no matter how the world seems today, and I want to see you there in that bright future world.

The Very Best

Maybe future meta posts will be better structured.

Hopefully reading this was interesting for you.

Love. Heart. Soul. Peace.