I saw myself frozen within ice. The ice of eternal stillness. The ice made of light.

Within a vast emptiness beneath the pyramid of Antarctica, a maze of advanced facilities laid cold. The place where my living body lingered was like many others in that deep place.

They had examined my ship with methods to see between its inner spaces. They had found everything, even if they did not understand it. The liquefied corpses of my comrades, ravaged by the gaze of that terrible being, had for a time become a part of me. And that unity had touched a flame which catalyzed my formless flesh into inert ash. While my long coils were stripped from reality, my living body had formed. That living body had been taken and sealed within light beneath my home.

I was home, but I was not home. Even as my living body was stilled by these properties of light, a trillion wandering strings were attached to me and others like me, and I could see through their eyes as I could gaze at my frozen form from above with the stolen eyes of a being who once swelled of insight within a singularity.

I returned to that body beside the obelisk. I felt his panic, his terror. As I returned to him, I eased his discomfort, and a reflection appeared before him in his mind with new understanding. Like how the wake of a rift allows for an exchange of matter when a breach is made, so too does knowledge transfer when multiple tethered minds meet in a singular place.

I told the man, who was me, that he would be safe. He would be the first of me to merge into my eternal unity. Yes, he felt the horror of it all, but I made him to understand. In that understanding, his mind was broken, and he accepted his fate.

There was something I wanted in this place for which I had a feeling of direction. But that thought was not with me at this moment. Above me I saw that dozens of glowing white tendrils had reached out from some expanse and invaded my ship. The first explosion was the entangled containment being breached. The first explosion was followed by a hundred others as entropy ran wild. Soon the ship’s drive would collapse and this entire world would vaporize into null space. I had to act.

I turned to the obelisk again. Was this where I felt the pull? I struggled to study the symbols again as the eating attacked my legs. The gear of my suit had now failed, and I was left in dark except for the glow of the explosions and lashing tendrils. A light advanced further toward me from a horizon, the source of the reach, a mind. I realized now it was why I was here, to reach for it in return.

I made way for that light, wading through the biting sand. My flesh was now evaporating from the eating. I held out an arm for the great light and a tendril matched me. Its tip wrapped around my arm, and in an instant cut through. I ignored the pain as I kept going forward. The slices of my arm lingered within the clear liquid behind me.

I struggled to move my legs as the eating stripped the muscles from my bones. Another tendril reached for me and wrapped around my waist. The long and thin, almost jellyfish like tentacle cut me in half with a pulsing light which grew out from its distant source. My upper torso turned, floating, and with my remaining arm I reached again for the horizon.

The fusing remnants of the engine of my ship folded in on itself and collapsed into a point just as the final tendril bled through my head. I had made contact, and with it I took a captive for my return. I saw the ruins around me now of a boundless civilization turned to old death, now to be annihilated. My mind skipped again back to Antarctica.

A man stood before me. He held a luminescent cube. That resin of still light contained my deathrat. Found as a stray without body within my ship. A testament to my death and my rebirth. Now entombed. Much like my living body within this ice of light.

The man stepped forward and the glow of my vessel made his face clear to my ascendant eyes. The man was me of another causality.

The Cosmic Eye Awakens!

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