A force untethered me and I awoke in the sleeping quarters of my ship. Red strobe lights on the walls flashed, and an alarm wailed repeatedly. The breach countdown had begun.

I rushed to put on my gear and activated the seal of my rebreather just as the front of the ship passed through the rift’s barrier. My ship shuddered as its pressures normalized through to the other side. Specks of cosmic light floated through the inner hull - stuck in place and time at that between space - impossible to budge. The hull sang a vibrating song as each thin slice of matter passed through.

The inner visor of my helmet showed a visual of the emerging zone ahead of the ship. It was full of a clear liquid, though the sensors indicated it was not water. Nothing by human standards of living was detected. Inert debris shaved from my ship when it had made breach floated in swirls as the ship made waves through the darkness. Another deep sea. This place had settled long ago, and we were disturbing its rest.

I walked in the weight of my suit toward the ship’s forward, where I expected the crew to be. I heard chatter on the radio, but it was fuzzy. A sign of heavy interference.

A gloved hand grabbed onto my shoulder, and I turned. In that moment, my mind skipped in time and place. I was outside of the ship. Its mass in some distance above me, visible beyond the dark by my visor. A drone swept beside me, puttering through the liquid. More radio chatter, but I couldn’t understand it through the interference. Extra gravity had been enabled on my boots, I was sinking into a darkness blind to my sight but illuminated by the acoustic waves my suit could emit.

Points of glowing data appeared on my visor to show the topology of a kind of colossal obelisk below me. Something the ship had detected first, why I was here outside in this evidently ancient place.

As I fell closer, pings from my gear’s instruments returned sooner. The drone chirped back at me too, already near the lonely structure, and sent me a visual of its steep walls. The drone was further down past the pyramidian where the structure gained flat sides. Its material was dark brown / green. A shine in places hinted it being made of a metal. Light from the drone illuminated the edges of grooves in overlapping circles and spirals recessed on its surface.

I fell past the pyramid top and neared one of the flat walls which continued downward into the distance below. An inner voice screamed at me to not touch the mass before me. I ignored that voice and reached out so that my glove grazed against the flat wall, slowing my descent further into the darkness below.

A warning sensor triggered on my suit and displayed on my visor. I pulled back my hand and saw that the tip of my glove’s fingers, where contact had been made, were now foaming, evaporating into the clear liquid surrounding me. The contact had eaten away at my glove’s armored material. The eating did not last. Soon an inner buffer layer of fortified carbon fiber reinforcement within a matrix of graphite was exposed and neutralized whatever process had begun.

The pings from my suit made it clear I was closer to making landing below and with every nearer ping the inner voice within again begged me to stop, reverse the gravity, go back to the ship, but I did not listen. Before the boot end of my suit made contact, more radio noise came from my ship. I could not understand it, there was too much static, but I could still tell that it was yelling, shouting, screaming, begging.

My helmet’s data feed to the ship was cut the moment I made contact with the dead, still sand of the bottom. Every warning my gear had blared. I turned to the wall and looked closer at the obelisk’s surface. Near the bottom, countless symbols were roughly carved along its length. None had any meaning to me.

Behind me there was a shock-wave from an explosion. My mind flickered for a moment between the body at the obelisk and the body laying on a cold slab below the pyramid of Antarctic. I was in multiple places, multiple times, multiple causalities, but one mind.

M̸̡͙̞̟̯̬̮̼̀͜ͅȁ̵͇̒̀̂̆̄͒̅̏́́͠͝k̶̜̺̤̊e̶̲̳̩̘̼͖͇͕̗͚̹̻̒̈̽̄̃̇̓̅͜ ̷̣̒̍͛̈́̉͜͝İ̶̢̢̨̲͚̮̣͇͇̥͇͎̥̓̿̄̌̃̾̒̃̄͛̃̈̍̐t̶̖̭͙̙̫̭͍̩̅̇̾́̚̕͝ͅ ̸̢̨̡͖̼̺̠̙̫̘͙̞͇̪̄͑͊͆̐̚͜Ș̶̳̞̱͇̈̽̉̋͛͌̑̈́̑͘͝ẗ̶̢̨͓͙̠̦̰̩̄͌̈̉̏̎̃͑̚ơ̸̢̨͍̼̖͉̖̰͍͇͖̯̘͒͆͌̓̎̋̂̋͠p̸̨̡͓̜͈̦̰̲̠̤͎̔͌̚͝!̸̩͔̻̬̆́̇̊̔̏̋͌̈͘͜͠͝

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