I slept in the dark and lonely stillness, allowing myself to drift beyond the physical.

The scouring mind had come through me and left with the tide of a passing star.

My body was detached as I dreamt a vision of the cosmic depths. A quiet below stars where the boundary of reality merges with thought.

Time passed as I pondered the emptiness of that place.

I put away all thoughts and remained still.

More time passed. I waited with no thought or movement.

Then there was a spark. A returning rift had opened again.

Realization filled me. I wanted to go home. Back to Antarctica.

Physical feelings of my new self returned to my flesh. I felt the pressure of the surrounding space, the weight of my ship, the soft waves of gravity pushing and pulling. An atmosphere where all living breath had settled long ago.

I formlessly reached for the console of the ship. A thousand buttons glowed to life, leeching tiny specks of power from a vibrating reactor. Without effort of my former self, I directed the ship to move toward the rift. I would breach.

It occurred to me I did not have this knowledge before my rebirth. I searched for the reason, and I saw it. The deaths of my comrades now echoed within me, of what I had become in this state.

Their voices spoke in ghostly murmurs around me as my needs arrived. I did not ask for direction, yet they fulfilled my wish for the insight necessary to make the ship move.

The boundary around my ship was thick with inky plasma. Movement was slow until I neared the rift. Then I made breach. Space and time between two places became one, and my ship moved into the deep of a familiar ocean.

The ship drifted upward, now piloting itself back to where it expected home to be. A ping came from the mainland. My ship reported back: no life signs. Yet I was alive… a swarming mass of eternity.

Yes, the icy chill of freezing air kissed my ship as they opened multiple pressurized hatches. Men in white, armored quarantine suits entered. I wished to greet them and reached out to their horror.

My flesh burned. They torched my thick mass with a fire without heat. Over every surface of that inner hull, the impossible flame crawled over me. I lost the murmurings of my comrades, but I did not lose myself.

They found my living body in the sleeping quarters within my ship, asleep, dreaming. Remade, reborn.

They did not kill me again, instead they took my sleeping body away in an insulated vessel of many synthetic materials.

I watched from above their bodies as they carried me away from my ship. Through a frozen tunnel. Into a secure zone below the pyramid.

I was home.

The Pyramid Will Live Again!

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