This site is a public library of select works published under the Tario.io publishing imprint.

Tarot.io is at its core for experimental story telling publishing.

Tarot.io is a publishing imprint of Subsoap.

If you want to read the stories published here, share links to this site’s content, or reference any works, that is what this project is for. Please do not redistribute the content of this project in any form.

If you see our work being pirated anywhere please contact us. If you see our work being sold anywhere where it is clearly not being done by us please contact us.

Getting Updates

If you want to get notified of story chapter additions to this site, then the best way is to sign up to the main Tarot.io + Subsoap mailing list on Tarot.io. You’ll be sent most new information on projects published here. Currently, we don’t have a newsletter list for chapter updates of specific projects.

Unless otherwise stated, there is no publishing schedule for chapters.

You could call the stories published here stories / short stories / web novels / novels.

When there are completed projects, they will be tagged as complete and listed as complete. Currently, there are no complete projects.

Short Names

If and when stories are published in stores or published as printed works, they will probably be published under different names or more complete names.

Stories published here will sometimes only be titled as a single word. Such as Witch or Depth. If the stories here ever “graduate” to “real” publishing, then they may.

There are times when a full name will be used, such as in the case of Casebook Supernatural.

We might officially dub a work with a fuller name before graduation.


When a story has many chapters published and is reasonably popular, we may graduate it to a product to sell in retail book stores / ebook stores. During this project a few things may happen:

  • We may take down the original work here entirely. Some stores which make the most money sometimes want exclusivity. That’s a fact of the publishing business.
  • We may not publish the entire series of chapters here. In this case, we may either leave up the existing chapters to encourage buying the full book (or book series) somewhere, or
  • We make break up a series with a large amount of chapters into multiple books. If a series has a thousand chapters, it’s difficult to put that into one single book. If we do break a chapter series up into multiple books, there’s a good chance we’ll still make the first book’s worth of chapters free somewhere.
  • We will probably change the name, or add words to the name. Sometimes the full names of projects is no secret, sometimes we’ll use the full name of a project before graduation.

Living Documents

Text may change over time. We take care to keep and respect canon and not implement retroactive continuity. Changes to text should mostly only be to improve the quality of writing and not make changes to the greater story. Sometimes text changes may be necessary to add context when clarity is too lacking. Text changes should never be made to betray or subvert original intent.

Subsoap Story Group

Unless otherwise stated, the author of a given story falls under the Subsoap Story Group. This is a small collective of people who work under Subsoap to ensure story telling quality and consistency. The membership of this group is mostly a secret. Joining this group is not easy. A good start if you want to get involved with crafting stories here is to read all of the chapters of a selected work, begin to engage with our community, and apply to become a Beta Reader then follow through with giving quality feedback when requested.

Beta Readers

Do you want to help improve our future storytelling? Become a Beta Reader for Subsoap today and get early access to story content in order to provide general feedback. Most of the content on this site went through a similar process of sending out to a select few and improving over several rounds of feedback. Do your part to help shape the Tarot.io stories!


Sometimes chapters are posted raw without much editing or rewriting, because we want to get a story out there. That’s the way it works here. If typos or grammar errors bother you, then you can either help us improve issues by suggesting edits or you can leave and never return.

We don’t guarantee perfect editing in the stories published here. If or when we publish stories as novels in stores or in print, we will go through heavy professional editing processes to ensure as close to perfect quality there.

If you found a typo, then please either mention it in the Subsoap Discord or e-mail us at [email protected] with a link to the page where you found the typo and what you would suggest for a correction.


If you are interested in working on translations of a project for your native language, then please contact us.


We have nothing against fanfiction, we only ask that if you want to produce some kind of fanfiction based on a Tarot.io project that you treat it with dignity and respect.